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Workshops for Adults


For adults and children 14 and older


PASTE PAPERS -- June 16, 6-9 PM $45

Decorative Paste Papers for Bookbinding and Other Artistic Uses

Paste Paper is one of the oldest forms of decorated papers used by bookbinders, and it is still used by bookbinders and artists today. In this course, we will learn assorted traditional and contemporary paste papermaking techniques and discuss their application.  Students will then have the opportunity to make their own papers that they will keep for their own future bookbinding and art projects.

Materials participants will need to bring: The class fee covers paper to decorate, paste, pigment for the paste, and a paintbrush for each student. In addition, students are encouraged to bring any additional large (1”-4” is a good size) paintbrushes that they might have (each brush makes its own distinct texture, so variety is good), as well as any textured tools that might leave interesting marks in the paste. Examples: sponges, rubber texturing combs (found at craft stores), spatulas, scrapers, stamps or patterned rollers, or anything else you think might make an interesting pattern.

PAPER MARBLING -- June 23, 6-9 PM $45

Various forms of paper marbling have been used all over the world to create beautiful decorative elements for centuries.

In this course, we will learn the traditional technique of Sumanigatchi Japanese Marbling. Participants will then have the opportunity to make their own papers that they will keep for their own future bookbinding and art projects and a set of 6 greeting cards with envelopes. This class includes all materials needed including: assorted papers, ink, and instruction.

BOOKBINDING -- June 25, 9:30 AM -2:30 PM $100

Sewn Board Binding with Decorative Paper and Exposed Sewing

The Sewn Board Binding is a great structure for beginner binders or for binders who want to add another binding style to their repertoire. This binding has a unique contemporary look with its exposed spine and sewing. The structure opens completely flat, and can be dressed up in a variety of papers. The method requires little adhesive and can be made with minimal binding equipment, while still teaching basic binding techniques. In this class, students will create one blank book that incorporates decorative papers.  The course fee includes materials to construct one 5" x 7" book, as well as an awl, bone folder, and sewing needle.
Materials Participants will need to bring: Ten sheets of 8.5" x 11" decorated paper. This can be paper that was previously decorated in one of the other workshops offered, paper purchased ahead of time via a paper store, collected from old maps or other ephemera, or a limited selection of decorated papers will be available for purchase ($10) at the workshop. (Your book can also be blank with no decorated paper). See course description photos for ideas.

Students are encouraged to bring their own basic bookbinding tools if they have them. They should also bring a pencil and a notebook for taking notes.

LETTERPRESS -- June 30, 9:30 am -1:30 pm

Get back to the earliest days of the printed word. Letterpress— using type or individually placed metal letters (aka “moveable type”)—began with Gutenberg in the 15th century, and allowed the printed word to spread around the world. More recently letterpress has seen a revival as a way to get back to a hands-on form of printing and also as an art form.

This course teaches exposure to the letterpress process including paper types, ink mixing, vocabulary of tools and presses, metal type and dingbats, and steps of the printing process. Participants will print a set of cards on vintage letterpresses from metal type they set themselves.